Keyboard Sound Controller Not Working In Some Games Fix [Skyrim, Metro 2033 etc.]

So you start up a game and find out your expensive gaming keyboard’s sound control / sound wheel won’t do shit when you’re in the game. The only way to change the sound is to Alt + Tab out of the game and then change the sound which wastes time and no one likes alt tabbing in middle of game specially when theres loud sounds going on meaning you’re in middle of some action.

So without wasting more of your time which you can spend on playing game instead (or watching porn), do the following:

1) Get Music Master from:

2) Start it up,


3) Make sure “Windows” is selected and then add the hotkeys for Vol Up and Vol Down.

Click Activate so the red background turns to green and your sound controller in game will start to work.

This program was made by kennyparker1337 from OCN. If you want changes or anything either comment here or contact him directly.

Question & Answers – Pause

If you’ve sent me questions and they are not posted in Q/A – 1, then don’t think I’m not answering them. I’ll just answer them after some time. When tired, sad, sick, busy I just end up giving wrong answers under the wrong mind so I’ll just wait it out till I think I can answer properly.

Enjoy, have a good week and if isn’t turning out to be a good week then turn it into something awesome or just Contact me and let me hear about it.

Everyday Thoughts + Valentine Week Schedule

Every morning I wake up,
and realize you’re not close,
but many miles away.
I look at the stars every night,
As we see the same light,
our star shines bright.
Few words I say every night before I close my eyes
meet me in the stars tonight.

Be it day or night,
there is no place I rather be,
than in your heart and in your dreams,
though I wish I could hold you in my arms
to feel the beating of your heart.

There is nothing together we can not do,
I’ll be here forever, my love is true.
An Angel beside me that would be you.


I know I haven’t really posted any poem or anything like that before but everything have it’s first time 🙂 and besides tumblr is the only place I can post the weirdest things without thinking twice.(This was on my Tumblr)

The story is that about a week back I couldn’t sleep for about 4 days so I spent each night on the roof looking at the stars and the sky.

Hope everyone likes it. ^.^

Gonna post an extended one of this (same but with some more lines) around the 20th Feb.

Valentine Week Schedule:

Friday, February 7, 2014: Rose Day
Saturday, February 8, 2014: Propose Day
Sunday, February 9, 2014: Chocolate Day
Monday, February 10, 2014: Teddy Day
Tuesday, February 11, 2014: Promise Day
Wednesday, February 12, 2014: Hug Day
Thursday, February 13, 2014: Kiss Day
Friday, February 14, 2014: Valentine Day

Fracture Healed & it’s Tomb Raider time!

I recently suffered a hairline fracture and now it is healed 😀 No pain at all!

Hairline fracture for those who don’t know, are minor fracture which hurts like hell if there is any pressure on them but does not really require any other medical attention other than proper rest. I was doing my usual during the days, it did hurt but I had no choice since I can’t take the bus to classes etc. coz of my motion sickness but still it healed pretty fast.

About Tomb Raider, I’ll be replaying the latest Tomb Raider(2013) and might do a video walkthrough for it and add it up on my youtube. I’ve got in partnership with Viso network now so videos are monetized better now. Look forward! 🙂 Until next time..

KX out.

Valentines Day 2014 + Sherlock Stories

Near the end of the last year, I thought and had a bit of hope that I could make the 14 – 2014 a tiny bit special but it will be just a regular day. I don’t think I will accept anything from readers so please don’t contact asking the address and I won’t be able to go on group chats, flashchats or tinychat either. I’m spending the day sleeping, coz it’s a Friday. 😀

I will still post and keep an eye for the Valentines week and the chocolate day specially because I love chocolates (who doesn’t?) and will love to receive some good amount from friends and family. I’ll post the schedule around the 6th of Feb.

Now about Sherlock. I recently finished A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four so now I’ll start reading the short stories (Adventures of SH) starting today. Excited to read it and I know its going to be legendary!

Want to ask me something? First read: Questions and Answers – 1 and make sure it is not already asked and answered. If it is not there then simple use my: Contact Page and send me any Anon or non-Anon questions.

How I found my friend’s tumblr among those millions or billions of blogs.

A friend of mine (whose name I won’t say but lets call her Rose, Roses are good), recently deleted her tumblr and made a new one for some reason. She said that so no one can find the new one but I had to disagree.  So she told me to find it as a challenge. For starters the only info I had was that she was using the same theme as the old one, and it was a new blog. The URL was totally unrelated to her name or anything at all, email was different as well. The URL was actually a sentence similar to:

So how did I find it? Easy. Well not really really easy, but easy.

1. Looked through famous posts of the TV Shows which she liked.

2. Checked through the reblogs of them one by one and checked the blogs which have reblogged the posts.

3. I went to and checked when was the first blog post made on the blog, since it was a new blog the first post has to be made during the same month (January 2014).

After this it was just a matter of narrowing down the blogs and reading through the posts according to her personality and figuring out which one belonged to her.It took me couple of hours to get it all done.

Any questions you might have? Drop in the comments or just use the : Contact Form.

See you next time. 🙂

The Science of Deduction

Read this on my – Blogger.

Have you ever found a dead body or a crime scene and wondered what to do?
You call the police, obviously. BUT, by the time police or the ambulance arrives, what do you do? Stay away from the body? Or examine it yourself?
Most important thing first, – you need to be FAST. Fast in your reasoning, fast in taking action. The Science of Deduction is what makes you think fast and act fast on your deductive reasonings. The better you’re at it, the faster you deduce and act. The Science of Deduction is what I will be teaching you here.


First, lets split deduction into points that you will need to remember and notice in real life.
1. Awareness – If you’re half asleep then slap yourself to get your brain to think straight. You need to be aware of what is going on around you, make sure of the condition of the victim, if you’re 100% sure he is dead, call the police, 1% chance he is still alive? call the ambulance. Life comes first, you can deduce all you want later but if the person is still alive then you need to make sure he does not die. Use your first aid knowledge, I will only talk about a stabbing case because it is probably one of the most used ways of killing without making loud noise. So if the person is stabbed then don’t pull the knife out, get a blanket if you can find one, or anything else to put on the victim to warm him up to get his temperature back to normal (Shock results in temperature of the body to fall). If the stab is on the upper part of the body then place the legs on anything so they are on a higher level than the upper body. This will increase blood flow near the stab area and will help till ambulance arrives. Almost 99% of the times, the criminal is caught as soon as the victim opens his eyes back so don’t bother chasing or finding the criminal if you think you can save the person’s life. Stay with the victim and perform proper first aid.

2. Deduction – If the person is dead and you’re sure of it then call the police and until they arrive, begin your deductive reasoning. If you think that the crime has been commited just recently a few minutes or seconds ago then if you’re in a crowded place such as a park or public place and the crime was commited there without anyone noticing then do all you can to quickly get all the exits sealed. Criminals would commit a crime at such a place only because it is easier to blend in later and get away before the police arrives. After you’ve made sure all exits are sealed, begin your deduction. Never theorize on false data. You must have solid points before you theorize. “It is a Capital Mistake to Theorize before you have any data, it biases the judgement.” (-Sir A. Conan Doyle). Think of it like solving a maths problem, example: if X = Y and Y =3, then X = 3, or Ken is the writer of this blog, the creator of this blog is the writer, thus Ken is the creator of this blog. Notice the blood marks around the scene, you’re not a professional but still blood will speak a lot of things to you. Notice the palms of the victim, are they holding on to something? do they look like they were holding onto something? These are the things you should be paying attention to. If there is no blood on the scene, still there are chances that it was a murder than the person collapsing due to some illness. Smell the lips of the victim, do you smell something sour or a smell of Almonds ? if yes then it poisoning that caused the person to collapse. BEWARE, if you do smell any of the two I mentioned then do not smell it for long. The smell comes from the poisonous gas which is released after the poison goes into stomach and reacts with the acid from the gastric fluid. If you smell too much then you can get poisoned as well. Other than smelling, there is probably no other way to figure out poisoning without proper equipment. If you’re sure it’s poisoning then try to keep an eye on all the people nearby, maybe one of them will try to dispose of some poison if he had not done so still.

3. Evidence and Conclusion – All the evidence will always show some type of connection. If you see no connection then you have deduced wrong or have missed some important clue. I have already talked about the things you will need to pay attention to at the crime scene and from those things you will find your link of connection along with some evidence which will finally lead to conclusion.

If you follow all of these steps and are facing a simple enough crime, then the chances are that you will solve it even before the police arrives. Even if you don’t then chances are you will either be able to save the life of a person or you will be of great help to the police in solving that crime. That is all for this post. Did you enjoy reading it? If you did then make sure to share it with your friends or family on twitter or facebook. Check the top of the blog to find me on facebook, twitter, youtube or to contact me by E-Mail.

Gta San Andreas How To Install Two Player Mod PC

Download Mod:

DLL’s Download:

Ever played the PS2 version of San Andreas and loved the 2 player co-op mode ? But then on PC you couldn’t play the 2 player mode because Rockstar didn’t include it. But now with this mod you will be able to play the 2 player mode in San Andreas with no problem. Watch the video tutorial above on how to install and get the mod working.

If your SAAC2 is not opening do this:
– Download the DLL program mentioned above.
– Launch it and it will install the necessary DLL’s required.
– Run SAAC2 in XP compatibility mode.
If it still doesn’t run, get help on gta garage forums from other modders.

Need my help ? Drop a comment below, I answer every person.

Moving to WordPress

I used to blog on Blogger but came to realize how bad it is compared to WordPress and hence all my blogging will be done on WordPress now. 🙂

Stay tuned for lots of awesome content.