Gta San Andreas How To Install Two Player Mod PC

Download Mod:

DLL’s Download:

Ever played the PS2 version of San Andreas and loved the 2 player co-op mode ? But then on PC you couldn’t play the 2 player mode because Rockstar didn’t include it. But now with this mod you will be able to play the 2 player mode in San Andreas with no problem. Watch the video tutorial above on how to install and get the mod working.

If your SAAC2 is not opening do this:
– Download the DLL program mentioned above.
– Launch it and it will install the necessary DLL’s required.
– Run SAAC2 in XP compatibility mode.
If it still doesn’t run, get help on gta garage forums from other modders.

Need my help ? Drop a comment below, I answer every person.

16 thoughts on “Gta San Andreas How To Install Two Player Mod PC

    • dll.exe can be a false positive. It’s installing the dll’s in your windows folder which should’ve already been there. The dll.exe was made by the mod creator himself.
      Other than this I think the only thing to do is try compatibility mode for windows xp, make sure your windows is updated so it just gets those dll’s from the update itself.
      That is all I can think of I guess since I dealt with this mod 3 years back.

    • You’re the only one to complain in 4 years. As far as I remember its on Mediafire and downloading from mediafire is the simplest than any other.

  1. please help me i have windows 7 but i can,t open SAAC2 please tell me how i can open it i am waiting for your reply

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