Valentines Day 2014 + Sherlock Stories

Near the end of the last year, I thought and had a bit of hope that I could make the 14 – 2014 a tiny bit special but it will be just a regular day. I don’t think I will accept anything from readers so please don’t contact asking the address and I won’t be able to go on group chats, flashchats or tinychat either. I’m spending the day sleeping, coz it’s a Friday. 😀

I will still post and keep an eye for the Valentines week and the chocolate day specially because I love chocolates (who doesn’t?) and will love to receive some good amount from friends and family. I’ll post the schedule around the 6th of Feb.

Now about Sherlock. I recently finished A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four so now I’ll start reading the short stories (Adventures of SH) starting today. Excited to read it and I know its going to be legendary!

Want to ask me something? First read: Questions and Answers – 1 and make sure it is not already asked and answered. If it is not there then simple use my: Contact Page and send me any Anon or non-Anon questions.


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