Fracture Healed & it’s Tomb Raider time!

I recently suffered a hairline fracture and now it is healed 😀 No pain at all!

Hairline fracture for those who don’t know, are minor fracture which hurts like hell if there is any pressure on them but does not really require any other medical attention other than proper rest. I was doing my usual during the days, it did hurt but I had no choice since I can’t take the bus to classes etc. coz of my motion sickness but still it healed pretty fast.

About Tomb Raider, I’ll be replaying the latest Tomb Raider(2013) and might do a video walkthrough for it and add it up on my youtube. I’ve got in partnership with Viso network now so videos are monetized better now. Look forward! 🙂 Until next time..

KX out.

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