Keyboard Sound Controller Not Working In Some Games Fix [Skyrim, Metro 2033 etc.]

So you start up a game and find out your expensive gaming keyboard’s sound control / sound wheel won’t do shit when you’re in the game. The only way to change the sound is to Alt + Tab out of the game and then change the sound which wastes time and no one likes alt tabbing in middle of game specially when theres loud sounds going on meaning you’re in middle of some action.

So without wasting more of your time which you can spend on playing game instead (or watching porn), do the following:

1) Get Music Master from:

2) Start it up,


3) Make sure “Windows” is selected and then add the hotkeys for Vol Up and Vol Down.

Click Activate so the red background turns to green and your sound controller in game will start to work.

This program was made by kennyparker1337 from OCN. If you want changes or anything either comment here or contact him directly.

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