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58 thoughts on “Anime List / Index

  1. Hello Guys. . . This website is such a very good one. Could you please add more anime like the latest Log Horizon.? ? ? Thanks 😀 Just keep em’ coming guys Nice Job. 😀

  2. Oh also can you do me a favor. Could you also add these awesome animes. Steins Gate, Magi, Darker than Black and Bleach. Thanks 😀

  3. Oh Thanks again. It’s fine. And please this is the last one for now, don’t forget to add Sword Art Online Season 2. Thanks 😀 God Bless

    • I’ve added them to the list but sorry we really have our hands full with the list 😀 there’s only 2 of us doing it so with more and more requests each is taking longer to add.

    • Click the link,
      wait 5 seconds,
      on top right corner click skid ad.
      Choose the episode size you want to download.

  4. Hello. Finally found a site where I can download .mkv without viruses. @.@

    Um, can you please include Yowamushi Pedal and Hoozuki no Reitetsu? Thanks~

  5. Can you upload Pokemon season 16 and all the pokemon movies in 480p and also pokemon season 17(480p) which is currently ongoing?I could not find all these in small encoded size on any other website.

  6. Could you please upload black bullet and beelzebub, if possible, 720p at +-90mb with English sub..
    Thank you..

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