Gamewise – The IMDb of Video Games

I recently started working with Gamewise.  Everyone has heard of IMDb , whenever you want to know about any upcoming movies or any info on them, IMDb is what you visit. You can get every info on the movie from the list of Actors or the staff to the story and the reviews of the movie.
Gamewise does the same, but for video games.

You can get info on each of your favourite new and old games. You can add games to your collections in different categories such as “Games I’ve played”, “Games I want to Play” etc. When you’ve done so, you will receive all the latest news and info of the games in your collections right in the homepage of your Gamewise profile. From the home page you can also share a thought and tag a game to it, so the thought you post will be shared with people who have the game (you tagged) in their collections. It looks something like this:

All in all, Gamewise is a great new platform for all gamers to connect, talk about and know info of all the new and old games you want to play. Go and sign up at: and start enjoying the new experience in gaming!

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition [PC] – Play as Goro, Shao Kahn, Kintaro [Bosses Mod]

Mortal Kombat PC BOSS Mod

It seems it is possible now. I tried to mod it but was doing it wrong, I was looking in the wrong files. The user “blesner” from guru3d seems to have done it right and released the mod. I’ve done my own testing on it and I’ll tell you that Kratos mod is far from being 100% at the moment. Here are the download links for the Bosses mod:
Download from: [ Mediafire   ] , or
Download from: [ ]
Download Ver.2: [ Mediafire ]
[UPDATE: This is version 2 which adds ending animation for All 3 bosses and many more things, such as better portrait images for the bosses on select screen. Get this one if you’re interested in these, otherwise just get the old one.]

Installation is simple, copy the files over the original files (don’t forget to make backup!) in your game directory. The mod has no side effects or crashes and does NOT replace any of the other characters. The 3 bosses – Goro, Kinataro and Shao Kahn are added to the list of existing characters so you do not need to worry about losing any other characters when using this mod. If you’re experiencing any problems or have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact me.

Awesome list of Music you can use on your YouTube videos

Tired of getting your videos silent due to some copyrighted sh*t claim on YouTube?
Still want to use music on your videos without getting a strike on your channel?
You’ve come to the right place!
You can use ANY of the music from this playlist: Luigi Music – Sethioz Industries Entertainment
These are original music by Luigi Auriemma.

Add in description the following text and you will be good to go:

Music by Luigi Auriemma (
More music available here:

DO NOT steal the music and claim it to be your’s.
Stealing is a bad thing isn’t it?
Enjoy the awesome music!
Music by – Luigi
Playlist by – Sethioz, added on Sethioz Industries Entertainment channel
Blog post – Ken Xyro, posted after permission from Sethioz.