Keyboard Sound Controller Not Working In Some Games Fix [Skyrim, Metro 2033 etc.]

So you start up a game and find out your expensive gaming keyboard’s sound control / sound wheel won’t do shit when you’re in the game. The only way to change the sound is to Alt + Tab out of the game and then change the sound which wastes time and no one likes alt tabbing in middle of game specially when theres loud sounds going on meaning you’re in middle of some action.

So without wasting more of your time which you can spend on playing game instead (or watching porn), do the following:

1) Get Music Master from:

2) Start it up,


3) Make sure “Windows” is selected and then add the hotkeys for Vol Up and Vol Down.

Click Activate so the red background turns to green and your sound controller in game will start to work.

This program was made by kennyparker1337 from OCN. If you want changes or anything either comment here or contact him directly.

Fracture Healed & it’s Tomb Raider time!

I recently suffered a hairline fracture and now it is healed 😀 No pain at all!

Hairline fracture for those who don’t know, are minor fracture which hurts like hell if there is any pressure on them but does not really require any other medical attention other than proper rest. I was doing my usual during the days, it did hurt but I had no choice since I can’t take the bus to classes etc. coz of my motion sickness but still it healed pretty fast.

About Tomb Raider, I’ll be replaying the latest Tomb Raider(2013) and might do a video walkthrough for it and add it up on my youtube. I’ve got in partnership with Viso network now so videos are monetized better now. Look forward! 🙂 Until next time..

KX out.

Gta San Andreas How To Install Two Player Mod PC

Download Mod:

DLL’s Download:

Ever played the PS2 version of San Andreas and loved the 2 player co-op mode ? But then on PC you couldn’t play the 2 player mode because Rockstar didn’t include it. But now with this mod you will be able to play the 2 player mode in San Andreas with no problem. Watch the video tutorial above on how to install and get the mod working.

If your SAAC2 is not opening do this:
– Download the DLL program mentioned above.
– Launch it and it will install the necessary DLL’s required.
– Run SAAC2 in XP compatibility mode.
If it still doesn’t run, get help on gta garage forums from other modders.

Need my help ? Drop a comment below, I answer every person.

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition [PC] – Play as Goro, Shao Kahn, Kintaro [Bosses Mod]

Mortal Kombat PC BOSS Mod

It seems it is possible now. I tried to mod it but was doing it wrong, I was looking in the wrong files. The user “blesner” from guru3d seems to have done it right and released the mod. I’ve done my own testing on it and I’ll tell you that Kratos mod is far from being 100% at the moment. Here are the download links for the Bosses mod:
Download from: [ Mediafire   ] , or
Download from: [ ]
Download Ver.2: [ Mediafire ]
[UPDATE: This is version 2 which adds ending animation for All 3 bosses and many more things, such as better portrait images for the bosses on select screen. Get this one if you’re interested in these, otherwise just get the old one.]

Installation is simple, copy the files over the original files (don’t forget to make backup!) in your game directory. The mod has no side effects or crashes and does NOT replace any of the other characters. The 3 bosses – Goro, Kinataro and Shao Kahn are added to the list of existing characters so you do not need to worry about losing any other characters when using this mod. If you’re experiencing any problems or have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact me.